Yangjiang Knife Fair carries more missions

Yangjiang has held 17 consecutive knives fairs, and the significance of industrial boosters has become more prominent. Looking ahead, the future will lead to more missions, how to build a platform Enterprises gain more benefits and deserve our deep thought.

Knives and scissors are both industrial and fashion items. Whether the knife fair can gather popularity, the experience of ordinary consumers is very important. The Tool Fair is not only a platform for information technology exchange between enterprises. In the face of ordinary consumers, stimulating consumer desire is also an important function of the Tool Fair. At present, the traditional exhibition mode for the purpose of contract sales and on-site transactions is facing a profound transformation. Compared with the traditional sales model of selling products, the emphasis on experiential marketing, the product's fashion sense, artistic sense and product-guided lifestyle have been more emphasized by exhibitors.

Yangjiang Hardware Knives and Scissors has grown into a top 100 industrial cluster in China, and has gradually turned around in the transformation and upgrading. The Tool Fair is not only an industry event, but a great stage for Yangjiang to display the image of the city.